South Street Homes March 2016

photo by Tyrone Hemry

October 3, 1882, John Jackson, killed Samuel Hull, in Lick Township. Marshall William Owens arrested him, and turned him over to Sheriff Cherrington.  The hanging of John Jackson May 10, 1883. The County Jail is to the far right, where the Health Department is located.  Bob Lewis collection

J W Hanks from Jackson Post 385 Grand Army of the Republic. Leader of the choir 

Chely Williams collection

Camp Diamond in Jackson civil war recruitment 1861 

  Chely Williams collection

Furnace Foundry Company (Later Chun King).

 Raymond Boothe collection

Jackson April 1936
photo by Theodor Jung

March - April 1936 Jung, Theodor

Buffalo Bill entering Jackson, Ohio on September 14, 1900. The Wild West Show was held on the current site of the Eddie Jones Park off Harding Ave  Mark Howell​ 

The Police Dept., Fire Dept., and City Court for the town of Jackson in 1984

A crowd is gathering outside the Clover Farm Store in Jackson on a Saturday afternoon in 1938 

1896 President McKinley rally front of courthouse

Chely  Williams collection

Jackson City Building c 1912

Jackson Masonic temple c 1906

photo by Tyrone Hemry September 2008

Old church now used as a house

photo by Tyrone Hemry

Jackson circus parade going through in 1906.  Long time merchant Claar Bros. is across the street from the photographer along with Scurlock's Grocery, across the alley

Looks like corner of Main and Broadway

Jackson Masonic temple c 1900

Dr. Raymond Bothe Collection

1940s photo of a Jackson landmark building on Athens Street.  It shows the ZERO°HOT sign painted on the side of an old brick warehouse building.

1940s photo of Ben's Pennzoil Service Station

Jackson Monument store April 1936

photo by Theodor Jung

photo by Theodor Jung April 1936

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Jackson Globe Sohio Station located at the bottom of South Street between today's Long John Silvers and Wendys. Raymond Boothe, father of Raymond Lynn Boothe, ran it for Eddie Jones.  

a Raymond Lynn Boothe picture

Globe deep Mine was located near today's intersection of US Route 35 and State Route 32/124

Jackson Sunday Diner 1936
photo by Theodor Jung

Jackson, Ohio city park

Jackson small-town home example of 'American baroque' April 1936 photo by Theodor Jung

Wayne Harbarger "That house was ours and was located on Main Street across from the post office where CVS is now. My Great-great grandfather bought it in 1912 for $12,000.00."

Lewis Drug Store on corner of Main & Broadway

photo by Theodor Jung April 1936

Jackson Northwest Territory Wooden Nickel 7 Oct 1938
South Street about 1907
South Street in 1920s

     National currency was issued by any bank in the country that nationalized and desired to print money.  12,635 banks printed currency.  National bank notes can be broken down into four different categories. The first series of notes are called first charters. These notes were first printed between 1862 and 1881.  First charters are easy to spot because they will have the year 1875 or an earlier year printed on them. The note pictured are in the last category printed in 1929. The First National Bank note shown here was in the third series.  They came in a Red Seal and Blue Seal versions.

Jackson R. J. Radcliff token back

Jackson R. J. Radcliff token front

Jackson Masonic token front

Jackson Masonic token back

Jackson, Ohio Yester Years pictures and information

Jackson, Ohio The Crown Pipe and Foundry Company
Crown Pipe Company workers August 2, 1937
 George Leach is the first on the left in the back row. This is the only known photo of him with both eyes. It was shortly after this photo that hot steel splashed in one eye causing it to be removed.  Jack Jarrell is at the center of the back row. Jack eventually becoming the superintendent of operations.

South Street Homes  c 1914

Raymond Booth collection

Turn of the century colorized postcard of Locust Street in Jackson, Ohio.   

Raymond Booth collection

South Street Looking West 1917

Dr. Raymond Boothe Collection

Jackson, Ohio children playing in junk yard April 1936
photo by Theodor Jung